Our centrifugal fans are efficient, quiet, reliable, robust and capable of operating over a wide range of conditions in order to extract dust as safely as possible from many different applications. Dust types able to be extracted include: wood, plastic and paper

The key component of any fan is the impeller, with its design determining application, efficiency, noise and performance.  Our centrifugal fans incorporate three different impeller designs for the transport of both clean and dirty, with a wide range of volume and pressure duties.

Radial blade impellers are designed for the transportation of, at medium pressures, of air with high levels of heavy-weight contamination, such as chips, dust and shavings.

Backward blade impellers are the most efficient impeller design, capable of operating at high rotational speeds, for the transportation of low weight airborne materials.

Forward blade impellers, multi-vane, are designed for clean air (very light contamination) applications which require high flow pressures.

Fan accessories include acoustics, connection flanges, injector units and soft-start twist valves.