Industrial Recycling

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Recycling Industries


Recycling companies need look no further. We supply all kinds of machinery for a Materials Recycling Facility, from industrial shredders and briquette presses to conveyors and sorters.

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A recycling system on site at a manufacturing facility makes complete sense and will save time, money and space. Reduce waste as you go and make your company greener.

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By recycling your electronic waste, you are helping to save the environment. We have many different machines to help you do this.

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Biomass is a great source of renewable energy and it’s something that can very easily be installed and run.

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With more legislation on recycling within the automobile industry coming into force, it’s important that as many car parts are recycled as possible, something that can easily be done with plastic and metal.

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When recycling and disposing pharmaceutical waste, there are important legislations that need to be adhered to, to ensure public safety. We can advise on the best machines for the job.

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Ventilation Industries

Wood Processing

Whether your wood working production line is large or small, there is a dust extraction solution for you. Wood dust can either be extracted from source or via a multi-point, centralised filter.

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In manufacturing factories anything from wood dust to metal fumes can be a pollutant. Our range of industrial ventilation solutions will ensure everything from fine dust to metal working fumes are extracted.

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At the end of the manufacturing process, there are still dangers that need to be avoided. Dust particles from metal can easily be extracted, using one of our many dust extraction systems.

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Building sites contain all manner of contamination and environmental dangers. From nearby pollution to dust from wood, there are many extraction solutions that can be installed.

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Recycling and ventilation go hand-in-hand. Whether you are shredding or briquetting, dust and odours are unavoidable and the right ventilation system should be put in place.

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Burning wood chips and pellets via biomass can produce smoke as well as heat. The correct ventilation can provide adequate fume extraction, protecting employee health.

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When manufacturing, packaging and storing pharmaceutical products, it’s really important to keep the air free of pollutants, to avoid contamination which could lead to bad batches of medicine.

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It may not be obvious at first but food manufacturing and processing produces all kinds of dust. Starch, flour, grain, corn, coffee and sugar are just some of the food dusts we can extract.

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Agricultural and farming industries can produce all kinds of dusts and fumes. We have various dust extraction solutions to fit with all types of agricultural outputs.

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Local exhaust fumes from warehouses and garages can cause all sorts of health problems, from eye irritation to more serious lung diseases. If fumes are properly extracted, staff and workers can be kept safe.

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When working with paint, spray is inevitable. We offer spray extraction solutions for all types of dry and wet paint.

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