Industrial Fume Extractors

Whatever the process, we have an industrial fume extraction solution for you.

Fume Extraction Solutions

We provide fume extraction solutions and systems for the ventilation and capture of numerous fumes. Our systems cover such fumes as: vehicle exhaust, welding fume, and oil mist, controlling exposure to production hazards and creating a comfortable working environment.

From individual stand-alone mobile fume carts through to multipoint centralised filter systems, our solutions are designed to deliver effective control of sometimes dangerous fumes at source.

Series of extraction arms installed in college workshop.

A range of LEV requirements:

Create and maintain a safe working environment.

Whatever the process we have the right tools for you to maximise efficiencies and operate safely.

Applications covered but not limited to include:

✓ Composite machining
✓ Metalworking
✓ Vehicle exhaust
✓ Thermal cutting or welding

LEV system, including fume extraction hood in skincare store production area.

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