Oil Mist Extraction

Whatever the process, we have an industrial oil mist extraction solution for you.

Oil Mist Extraction Solutions

When it comes to metalworking it’s important to have local exhaust ventilation equipment in place to filter any oil mists created during production and machining process.

These include:

✓ Oil mist filters
✓ Extractor fans
✓ Fume extractor fans

Our range of products are designed for the removal of oil mist before it reaches a central piping system, preventing oil condensation in your pipeline.

Why do I need oil mist extraction?

Metalworking fluids are used during machining metal processes such as milling, grinding and lathing. Without adequate ventilation in place exposure to metalworking fluids can be detrimental to your health.

To comply with CoSHH regulations, HSE guidelines require the use of enclosures or ventilation to remove and control any mist or vapour produced.

We understand one size does not fit all, therefore Fercell provide LEV solutions tailored to your projects requirements.

GFO oil filters connected to centralised ducting system to service production machinery.

Spares & Repairs

 Contact our ventilation team to discuss your LEV requirements.

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