ASA 4 Series

The ASA 4 Series of extraction arm is for welding, glue, grinding fumes in particular and for operators requiring manoeuvrability, comfort and efficiency. The hose and ALU duct are mounted on the outside of the carrying arm, in order to let the air flow pass more freely resulting in the lowest possible pressure drop. This extraction arm series has 3 stables and 2 turning points and is movable in all positions up to 180°.  The ASA 4 is a duct arm with external carrying arm and aluminum duct with hose.

The ASA 4 Series is available in lengths of 2,0m, 3,0m and 4,0m. The arm can be extended up to 8m by means of extension arms.

The arm is mainly constructed in ALU parts in order to keep the total weight down, which results in smooth operation. ASA 4 has a lower pressure drop than the ASA 3. Use and construction is very similar to the ASA 3.

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Capacity: Up to 2.000 m³/h (depending on ø diameter), which makes it suitable for all types of welding fumes and glue fumes, where large airflows are required.

Typical use: Ø160 mm = 800-1.000 m³/h for MIG/MAG welding in black steel Ø200 mm = 800-1.000m³/h for MIG/MAG welding in stainless steel

Recommended installation height: min. 2.500 mm


  • ASA 4 is available in length of 2,0m, 3,0m and 4,0m
  • Can be extended to 8m reach by adding further extension arms
  • Console is able to turn up to 270°
  • Arm and friction joints: 25×25 mm aluminum pipe, connected via joints with friction discs and plate springs
  • Inner arm part is reinforced with 30×30 mm EL-galvanized bracket and equipped with gas spring


  • Light weight aluminum hood in ø160 or ø200mm
  • Integrated ergonomic handle
  • Standard covered in powder enamel yellow RAL 1007
  • Movable in all positions
  • Supplied in custom made colours upon request/ surcharge.

Wall bracket:

  • Steel console in powder enamel yellow RAL 1007

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