Briquette Bagging Solutions

To complement our range of briquette  presses we offer a range of material handling options including automatic bagging stations (controlled directly by the press) and bag sealers to ensure the protection and professional packaging of the product.

The F37-Series of automatic carousel bagging stations are completely self-contained, available with 6, 8 or 12 loading stations. The loading station height is fully adjustable in height, with each station accommodating a 300m diameter plastic sack, with deflector clamps.

The carousel is driven by a high-torque geared reduction drive via a circular rack and pinion assembly, to ensure minimal energy consumption and reliable service.

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CSL Series Bagging Station

The CSL Series of automatic carousel bagging stations are available in either 6 or 10 bag models.

Each bag mount is fully adjustable in height accommodating 300mm ø sacks from 400mm to 1000mm high.

Designed to interface directly with the press, to optimise efficiency and remove the need for constant supervision.

Intelligent communication between press and loading station controls the number of pieces loaded into each bag, gives penultimate loading warning and automatic shut down.

Each CSL station is equipped with a, microprocessor system, touchscreen allowing for easy operator adjustment and programming to automatically count the briquettes into each bag. When a bag is filled with the predetermined number of briquettes, the carousel will automatically index to the next bag station.

The backlit LED display provides clear input information and is complete with additional input/ output connections.

  • Integrated control with pressing equipment.
  • Fully programmable, multiple combinations of loading operations and signals.
  • Geared drive, high torque for heavy loads at extremely low energy consumption.
  • Flexibility, accommodate bags of various heights.
  • Compact design, sits directly beside press.

The energy efficient, heavy duty, HH650 Heat Sealer is a foot operated impulse heat sealer with dual electronic timer for complete control of the heating and cooling cycles.

It is extremely simple to operate.  Floor mounted and fitted with a cable operated foot pedal allowing increased flexibility of installation. The pedal lever action is designed minimise operator effort.

  • Economical solution for secure packaging of bagged compressed product.
  • Generous dimensions, large width and throat to accommodate bags of varying sizes.
  • Easy operator setup and use.

Wood briquettes, produced by a C150 briquette press, automatically loaded into a CSL10 bagging station.

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