BDA Axial Fan Series

The BDA Axial Fan Series is the perfect fan for paint spray booth extraction. It delivers effective and efficient paint fume extraction at low noise levels and is extremely flexible.

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It is particularly crucial to extract paint fume in spray booth environments or rooms, due to the risk of chemicals found within paint and lacquer creating an explosive atmosphere. The other important factor to consider is the quality of the paint finish. The BDA Axial Fan Series will not compromise the quality of paint finish but still has the power to extract paint fume to a safe level for those working with it.

Suitable for applications where the motor is external to the air stream, the BDA Series is a belt driven axial flow fan incorporating an impellor keyed onto a drive shaft.  The drive shaft forms parts of the transmission mounted within twin bearing blocks and driven by an isolated electric motor through pulleys and v belts.

All bearings, pulleys and v belts are isolated from the air stream inside a central tunnel, whilst the fully welded steel fan case incorporates access door, adjustable motor plate and ventilated drive guards.

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