BF Series – Dust Extractor

The BF dust extractor series offers a flexible dust extraction solution, which can run in constant operation and adapt to all types of dust extraction applications. It’s low maintenance, meaning a good option for those with many operations to concentrate on.

It is a self-supporting sheet metal construction, in high tensile steel modules. Process air passes into the filter chamber, where larger particles settle at the bottom of the filter. From here, the air is passed through filter bags which retain residual particles.

There are many different options depending on the type of inlet, cleaning system and discharge that are required. The filter height and number of bags will be determined by capacity. This type of filter system can be bespoke to a customer’s specific requirement.

The BF Series dust filter is ATEX approved and is fitted with approved explosion membranes and HPBS cleaning or PowerPulse® cleaning system, depending on preference.

More about this product

  • Simple installation
  • Low maintenance
  • All wires from filter top bunched in connection box
  • MPS timer is connected with 1-2 cables


Facts about  PowerPulse® cleaning system

  • Timer with differential pressure gauge
  • Blow pipe dimensioned for optimal cleaning
  • Pressure tank with built-in diaphragm valve for increased efficiency
  • Injector nozzle for each filter bag minimizes energy waste when cleaning

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