CE 513 Scrap Chopper

The CE 513 scrap chopper is designed to handle larger volumes of tough scrap materials, reliably processing materials such as metal tape, tubes, plastic strips and light cables.

To withstand aggressive environments, this model is equipped with a 12 mm sheet steel housing.

Note: SWEED stands and and hoppers are sold separately. 

The CE 513 is designed to fit on several SWEED stands that can accommodate a variety of scrap collection containers. Custom stands and additional safety upgrades are also available on request.

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The recommended model of scrap chopper is determined by scrap size, scrap volume, and requested custom features. The following are materials commonly processed through the CE 510 XHD.

  • Up to 1 ¼” x .046” domestic steel banding with clip
  • Up to 1 ¼” x .046” band saw blades
  • Various mild steel, aluminium, brass, and copper rectangular bars

Please contact us to determine the appropriate scrap chopper for your application.

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