CE 517 XHD Scrap Chopper

The SWEED CE 517 XHD is a heavy-duty model ideal for processing large volumes of strip iron of a maximum width of 5cm, or processing significant amounts of linear materials.

The CE 517 XHD model is also designed to handle process steel wire effortlessly.

Note: SWEED stands and and hoppers are sold separately. 

To withstand aggressive environments, this model is equipped with a 12mm sheet steel housing.

The machine is equipped with a magnetic starter to protect the users from unexpected restarting after a power loss. The feed mechanism, which is connected to a foot switch, is activated by compressed air.  This is to ensure the safety of the operator.

More about this product

The recommended model of scrap chopper is determined by scrap size, scrap volume, and requested custom features. The following are materials commonly processed through the CE 517 XHD.

  • Large domestic steel banding
  • High-tensile bale wire
  • Small, solid, aluminium and copper bars
  • Jacketed and non-jacketed wire and cable

Please contact us to determine the appropriate scrap chopper for your application.

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