DB Series – Spray Booth

The Sirocco range of spray booths are perfect for increased paint spraying extraction capacity and includes the DB Series of modular dry filter spray extraction booths, with various options on widths and heights, which can be configured as a simple spray wall to illuminated canopy and even complex process rooms.

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The DB Spray Extraction Booth Series is available in three formats:

The DB-Classic is the most popular version and uses PF02 corrugated card filters elements, belt driven axial fan and exhaust duct discharging to atmosphere.

The DB-Scorp uses a series of high-efficiency filter elements to enable filtered air to be returned to the working area for operations when exhaust ducts cannot be used. DB-Scorp booths also ensure no heat loss and that building pressures are balanced.

Options for the DB  Spray Extraction Booth Series include alternative construction materials and finishes (stainless steel, polyester powdercoat and prelaq scotchgrain), acoustic encapsulation, integrated lighting and fan speed control.

  • Heights 2.2, 2.75 or 3.3m
  • Electrical Supply 200v 1Phs or 400v 3Phs
  • Controls IP55 DOL or EExd DOL
  • Filtration PH02, PH02HE or AAX
  • Filter Monitoring Manometer or Magnehelic
  • Energy Efficiency EG Switch or Variable Speed Drive
  • Lighting Fluorescent or LED Hazardous or Non-Hazardous
  • Partition Fixed or Sliding
  • Product Handling Turn Tables, Racking or Conveyors

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