FFW Series – Wet Scrubber

The FFW Wet Scrubber series offers an effective and reliable solution for the filtration and collection of difficult fibrous materials.

Equipped with a stainless steel, self-induced wet scrubber it is able to handle materials that are likely to generate sparks or become unstable when being worked. It is ideally suited to white metal dust extraction but can also work with dusts from aluminium, magnesium and titanium, whilst providing full extraction.

These units expertly handle the heavy loading of larger, mechanically generated volumes of dust particles. All FFW units are designed and engineered to provide high quality, efficient extraction in an affordable and easy to maintain package.

The FFW Wet Scrubber series is suitable for either internal or external siting, with the option of automatic fluid control, weather protection, frost guard and additional acoustic treatment. With standard construction from epoxy paint coated mild steel and the option of full stainless steel or GRP construction.

Available from either painted mild steel or stainless steel construction in blue or grey colour.

More about this product

  • The units can handle volumes ranging from 720 – 16,200 m3/hr
  • High efficiency filtration
  • Simple eliminator removal for cleaning
  • Mild steel painted, Stainless steel and GRP options
  • Self-induced wet scrubbing always providing full extraction
  • Easily removable front door for easy access to eliminators, inducer and sludge removal
  • Fan set built in with anti-spark option and silencer
  • Weather protection option for outside location
  • Can handle a wide range of difficult and sticky dusts
  • Can also handle Titanium, Aluminium or Magnesium with optional control
  • Comply with the health and safety guide HSG 258

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