FineCut Industrial Shredder Series

The WEIMA FineCut industrial shredder is the ideal secondary shredding solution for a multi-stage plant, working in conjunction with the first-stage PRECUT industrial shredder. This series is perfect for the production of consistent, homogenised material for premium sales opportunities.

The WEIMA FineCut industrial shredder impressive outputs are achieved through high rotor speed, with fine particle size of the shredded material corresponding perfectly with the increasing demand for higher RDF qualities.

Designed and manufactured from long-life operation for the most demanding environments. It features offset bearings, bolted hardened stub shaft, vautid rotor hydraulic cooling, 40 mm plate base frame and anti-vibration substructure.

The high performance FineCut secondary industrial shredder will easily shred pre-sorted or pre-shredded material with high throughput, with particle sizes of 15–80 mm achievable. Via continuous conveyor fed material input, this is the perfect machine to produce the best quality RDF for power stations and the cement industry in particular.

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Processing of industrial and municipal waste, through dual PreCut 2000 (pre-shred) and dual FineCut 2500 (secondary shred), for RDF production.

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Size reduction and separation of  waste processed through a two stage system incorporating PowerLine and FineCut shredders.

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WEIMA Shredder FineCut 2500 Hydro shreds for RDF production.

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A WEIMA FineCut 3000 single-shaft shredder shreds commercial and industrial and MSW waste at concrete plant in Gongju, South Korea.

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