HR Series

A robust range of ‘backward blade’ centrifugal fans, constructed from heavy-gauge steel plate, with a typical energy efficient of 88%, designed for the transportation at medium pressure of light/medium particulate materials,  including dust and powder.

Each fan set is complete with a continuously rated, 50 Hz, 3 phase, TEFC electric motor (2.2kW – 22kW) and uses a statically and dynamically balanced twelve backward bladed steel impeller, which provides improved efficiency with stable and vibration free performance at lower sound output.

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Standard Format  :  The HR series conforms to European Machinery Directive CE/2006/42 machines and in accordance with EN/12499.

ATEX Certified Format  :  The HR-ATEX series conforms to European Machinery Directive CE/2006/42, and with ATEX Directive 94/9/EC, in accordance with EN/14986 (Anti-spark construction). Installation in ATEX Zone 22 > Ex II 3 D (Kst = 200: wood) or Ex II 2 D (Kst = 200: wood) (INERIS No: 19334/06).  Installation in ATEX Zone 21 the MVS fan set must be located outside the working area or within an enclosure separating it from the workshop.

  • Quiet running
  • Slow running
  • Suitable for light-medium contaminated air flows
  • Economical
  • Heavy plate impeller

Shown below are the most commonly available fans. These are specified by the rotation, followed by the angle and displayed from the inlet (suction) side.

The HR-Series are equipped with an open backward bladed impeller.

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