ZM Series Pulverisers

The ZM pulverisers are designed for the processing of medium to hard density materials, along with brittle and high impact plastics (PE, PVC and PC) that require final processing into powder form. Input material must be granulated with a maximum particle size of 6-8 mm (1/4-5/16 in.).

The ZM series achieves extremely high throughput by pulverising material between two, hard-wearing discs (one fixed and the other rotating at high speed) with specific final powder size determined by clearance between discs (adjustable) and disc teeth configuration.

The ZM pulveriser discs are easy to adjust and replace, manufactured to provide long service, reduced re-sharpening costs and minimal thermal stress on the process material.

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The ZM series can be supplied with automatic temperature control and operates, as standard, without a screening machine, however for applications which demand a maximum particle size, a vibrating screening can be easily integrated into the system.

The screener is constructed (mild steel or stainless steel) as a single or multi tiered desk, primarily for screening and continual discharge of powdered materials to ensure a very fine end product.  Process material enters the centre of the screener and through vibration the material is kept in motion, travelling to the outer edge of the screener housing whilst simultaneously sifting the fine material through the screener deck.

The vibration intensity is fully adjustable, controlling the grading effectiveness by determining the time material spends inside the screening deck.

Depending on application the screener is available with an automatic brush/ball cleaning system, which constantly cleans the screener deck surface, ensuring consistent material screener throughput.

Material from waste UPVC windows reprocessed, for SCM, through a complete line incorporating a HZM500 pulverizer producing, separated and sorted, clean material.

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