HZR Pipe Shredder Series

The HZR Series has been especially designed for effective primary shredding of thick wall, high impact, pipe (up to a maximum of 1,200ø mm x  6.0m) as well as purge lumps.

The heavy weight, welded, steel construction incorporates a solid hopper with hydraulic lid and security bolts into which the material is laterally loaded for automatic feeding in to the stepped cutting chamber.

The HZR is controlled via a fully integrated Siemens SIMATIC S7, touch screen, ensuring efficient shredding based upon ‘resistance load’.  The cutting chamber is has either two or four stepped ‘v’ profile rotor assemblies, equipped with multi-turn cutting knives and counter knife blades.

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The HZR is typically the first stage in the size reduction of pipe, with processed material feed to a suitable granulator for final processing to free-flowing regrind, which enables a 20-50% reduction in energy consumption when compared to a single stage solution.

Other advantages of using an HZR in the size reduction of pipe are increased cutting tool life and reduced material process times (up to 3 tonnes per hour), making the HZR shredder an efficient and cost effective solution.

  • Energy efficient cutting arrange, with reductions between 20% – 50%.
  • Heavy-duty, bolted, cutting tools for long service life and easy service.
  • Designed specifically for processing long, linear, materials so extremely high throughput of pipes.
  • Roller mounted pusher, for even pressure.

Heavy wall, 60mm, large diameter (upto 1,200mm) pipe rapidly processed through four shaft shredder, for production of uniform material for re-processing.

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