LEF-MEF Series

The LEF and MEF Series of direct drive centrifugal fan sets are equipped with backward blade impellers for optimum efficiency. Designed for mixed airflows up to 17,000m³/h, they are particularly suited to operation by variable speed control.

Enjoying a fully galvanised construction, complete with inlet grill, support legs and anti-vibration pads they can be supplied in optional with spark proof (EExe T3) protection.

For extraction of corrosive gases alternative construction materials, including stainless steel and acid proof steel complete with epoxy painted impeller and suction inlet are available.

More about this product

  • Air volume up to 24.100 m³/h
  • Pressure up to 4.500 Pa
  • Motor directly driven by a B5- Flange motor
  • Sealing class IP-55
  • Voltage: 3x400V or 1x230V / 50 Hz
  • Made of hot-galvanized plate
  • All screws and bolts electrolytic galvanized
  • LEF/MEF 250 – 630 – LEX/MEX ATEX versions with vibration absorbers, inlet nozzle with net and clamp for mounting the outlet flange
  • The dust amount from the extracted air may not exceed 12 g/m³
  • The size of the dust particles may not exceed 6 mm³
  • The dust/steams may not be sticky
  • Surrounding temperature: +40°C Temperature extracted air: +80°C

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