M1B Series – Dust Extractor

The M1B Series of dust extractor collectors have been designed for intermediate, low loading, of heavy dust particulate processes. They are most suitable where space is limited.

These dust bag filters are compact and deliver a flexible solution for the extraction and filtration of sawdust and larger wood chip and dust particles and can clean floor areas and woodworking machinery.

Typically used within the wood industry, they have been effectively employed with the collection of other materials, such as paper and plastic.

Built to the same high standard as usually found with larger units, they are tough and reliable. They can also be connected to different sized hoses to allow them to fit different woodworking machines.

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With two formats, the ‘MINI-COBRA’ and the ‘COBRA’ Dust Extractor are versatile mobile extraction units manufactured from heavy gauge formed sheet steel.

The impeller is constructed from heavy gauge mild steel plate and it is dynamically balanced, driven directly by a continuously rated, 220 volt, 50 Hz, TEFC, single phase electric motor and controlled by a push button starter.

Ideally suited to small extraction tasks, e.g. from one of two machine tools.

Clean air is exhausted through a single polyester needle-felt breather filter and waste collected within a removable refuse sack, with self-tightening snap-lock toggle for rapid replacement.

The MIB COBRA dust extractor units can be supplied with optional ‘multi-pleat’ cartridge filter, for use with small/medium dust particulate.

  • Powerful
  • Compact
  • Adaptable, ceiling, wall or under bench mounted
  • Economical
  • Simple and quick installation

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