MMBF Series – Dust Extractor

The ATEX certified MMBF Dust Extractor series (multi-modular bag filters), regenerates polluted air created by numerous dust producing activities by a process of filtration. Contaminated air is removed from the source of production and passes through the input type (ducting or similar) and the filter elements.

Once cleaned, the air is returned to the MMBF Dust Extractor series unit’s external atmosphere, creating a clean and more efficient atmosphere to work in.  The clean exhaust air can be ducted into additional filter types, or alternatively ducted into for discharge into designated areas, returned to the building when located externally.

The larger polluting particles will fall into the dust collection sacks, a worm drive or rotary unit whilst the smaller particles will become trapped within the filter media allowing the extracted air to be exhausted to atmosphere, either externally or internally depending on location and process type.

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It can be operated in either positive or negative pressure extraction systems, whilst the modular design allows for modification and additions, as and when demand increases. Designed to accommodate various combinations of fan duty, they can handle heavy loading of numerous dust types over a wide range of intermittent applications.

To ensure efficiency, each module of the MMBF Dust Extractor series is equipped with an offline regeneration fan, which automatically cleans the filters. This minimises pressure loss and reduces blockages. Giving the filter a longer life and value for money.

Manufactured from high tensile galvanised sheet steel, ensuring strength and low weight, the MMBF Dust Filter series can be confidently sited externally with a variety of filter media, return air and collection options, including: bin, rotary valve and discharge screw.

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