MMV – Mini-Silo Dust Extractor

The MMV Mini-Silo is an integrated unit for dust filtration and storage (2 x 2m). It’s made of modular galvanised sheet panels; it is conceived to work in negative pressure (with the fan on the clean air side) and it’s also suitable for positive pressure installation.

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The upper section includes the filtering battery. The polyester frame separates the filters from the clean area. It’s provided with a motorised shaker mechanism for cleaning the sleeves via mechanical vibration (jet pulses cleaning system available on demand). The filter housing output is flanged for connecting to the pipework and to the fan.

The lower section is the waste storage chamber, equipped with strong adjustable support legs and a thick flat bottom to support the multi-leaf double spring extractor. The rotating springs, made of harmonic steel, move the waste toward 3 possible simultaneous hopper outlets. One outlet is connected to a plastic bag for an emergency discharge, while the 2 remaining outlets can be connected to a briquetting machine, a pneumatic transfer system to a container and a screw conveyor to feed a biomass boiler. An inspection door provides easy extractor maintenance, and Lexan windows allow visual inspection of the material within the silo, as well as one or more level indicators.

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