MT Series

MT Series of backward blade fan sets are designed for the transportation of clean air streams, for maximum standard operating temperatures up to 60°C.

The MT Series can be specified for higher temperatures (up to 200°C) with optional cooling wings and for hazardous classification with anti-spark suction inlet and explosion proof (Eex) electric motor.

The in-direct transmission provides operational flexibility, with the adjustment of volumes and pressures through exchange of the drive and driven pulleys.

Equipped with a self-cleaning, statically and dynamically balanced, backward bladed impeller and aerodynamic suction inlet to provide energy efficient high volume high pressure air movement.

More about this product

  • Drive options, direct or in-direct
  • High operating temperatures, upto 200°C (with optional cooling facility)
  • Available as anti-static, explosion proof
  • Robust, heavy duty built with statically and dynamically balanced impellers
  • Flexible, broad range of air volumes and pressures

Shown below are the most commonly available fans. These are specified by the rotation, followed by the angle and displayed from the inlet (suction) side.


The MT-Series are equipped with self-cleaning backward bladed impellers, designed for the transport of clean air.


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