MV Series

A robust range of centrifugal fans, constructed from heavy-gauge steel plate, with a typical energy efficient of 60%, specifically designed for the transportation at medium pressure of medium/heavy particulate materials, including dust, shavings and chips.

Each fan set is complete with a continuously rated, 50 Hz, 3 phase, TEFC electric motor (2.2kW – 22kW) and uses a highly efficient, self-cleaning, steel radial impeller, which is statically and dynamically balanced to ensure a very stable and vibration free performance.

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  • Economical
  • Robust, movement of heavily contaminated air
  • Medium volume, medium pressure duties
  • Fast delivery, typically from stock
  • Available in ATEX version

Listed below are the most commonly available fan handings, these are specified by the rotation, followed by the angle and displayed from the inlet (suction) side.


The MV-Series are supplied with statically, dynamically, balanced radial bladed impeller for handling coarse airflows.


Standard Format  :  The MV series conforms to European Machinery Directive CE/2006/42 machines and in accordance with EN/12499.

ATEX Certified Format  :  The MV-ATEX series conforms to European Machinery Directive CE/2006/42, and with ATEX Directive 94/9/EC, in accordance with EN/14986 (Anti-spark construction). Installation in ATEX Zone 22 > Ex II 3 D (Kst = 200: wood) or Ex II 2 D (Kst = 200: wood) (INERIS No: 19334/06).  Installation in ATEX Zone 21 the MVS fan set must be located outside the working area or within an enclosure separating it from the workshop.

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