PreCut Industrial Shredder Series

The WEIMA PreCut is a tough single shaft, industrial pre-shredder, ideal as the first step in multi-stage waste processing systems which demand high throughput of consistent fraction.

Capable of processing unsorted, highly contaminated, waste streams to deliver optimum preconditioning of the material for further processing steps such as sieving, classifying and separation.

Heavy duty construction ensures the WEIMA PreCut industrial shredder is tough enough for the most demanding environments and applications, featuring offset bearings, bolted hardened stub shaft, vautid rotor, hydraulic cooling, super-fast hydraulics, 40mm plate base frame and anti-vibration substructure.

With feedstock loaded either by wheel loader, grab or it can be operated as single-stage shredder in situations when an RDF customer specifies coarse pre-shred material of under 200 mm.

More about this product

  • Reduced process time, for high throughput.
  • Hardened and bolted stub shafts, for fast and economical replacement.
  • Hard wearing rotor, with vautid shell for long life.
  • Easy operation, with Siemens SPS control.
  • Rapid cleaning and screen change, with hydraulic, lifting, screen basket.
  • Outboard, sealed bearings, for extreme long life.
  • Segmented floor, for optimum pusher operation.
  • Hydraulic material feed, high material throughput.
  • Fast acting pusher swing arm, with turbo hydraulics.
  • Extended run times, with hydraulic oil cooling system.
  • Super heavy duty chassis, 40mm thick steel plate side walls.
  • Reduced noise and long life, with anti-vibration substructure.

Two stage size reduction application, employing a PreCut 2000, for primary shredding, before final processing through a FineCut 2500 for conversion of municipal waste into refuse derived fuel.

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WEIMA pre-shredder PreCut 1500 shreds heavy rubber waste and rubber mats within seconds.

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A powerful WEIMA PreCut 3000 single-shaft shredder shred old textiles at Tosung in Chilgok, South Korea.

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WEIMA PreCut 3000 shreds industrial and bulky waste.

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