Puehler G Series

High-end drainage press for ReWork applications

The use of machines in the ReWork process places high demands on quality, machine safety and hygiene standards. Weima have developed drainage presses specially optimised for ReWork applications, which are HACCP-compliant and achieve the highest material throughput rates with maximum reliability. With a production of 300 mm pellets the PUEHLER G.300 ReWork achieves an output of up to 12 m³ material per hour.

The ReWork presses from WEIMA drain and compress filled disposable packaging in one step. You can efficiently dewater, separate and compress beverage cans and containers, TetraPaks, yoghurt pots, spray cans, soft packaging as well as bottles and packaging made of PET. The extracted product can then be returned to the production line in a rework process step and reused profitably.

Puehler Draining & Compressing Defective Drink Packaging

Puehler Draining PET Bottles

Puehler Draining & Compressing Ketchup & Mayonnaise Bottles

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