S Series

The S Series of rotary valves are designed for use with pressure differential system, which require the controlled gravity discharge of free-flowing materials from a hopper/container.

Manufactured from heavy gauge steel plate, each valve is complete with a 6-bladed rotor, equipped with hard-wearing neoprene rubber blades secured to the rotor shaft plate profiles, separated from the housing by rubber shaft seals.

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Each valve is equipped with a close coupled geared reduction drive (the largest valve, 200-S, has an additional shear coupling for extra protection) and rotation sensor plate.

As standard ‘S’ rotor valves are ATEX approved to Cat. 2D and supplied with neoprene rubber blades for operational temperature range of -10°C to 70°C.

For higher temperature applications, 60° to 250°C, the rotor can be fitted with silicone rubber blades and for installations requiring Cat. 1D protection valves are available in an EXS format.

  • Range of operating widths
  • Compact design
  • High torque drive
  • Shear coupling (200s version)
  • High volume throughput
  • ATEX approved
  • Blade material options
  • Easy maintenance and service

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