The LSFG and MSFG Series of centrifugal fan sets are designed for low to medium pressure applications, with air volumes ranging from 400m³/h to 15,000m³/h, suited for both individual or centralised extraction jobs.

The low noise level of the low pressure models makes for an excellent solution for general room ventilation or applications with slight contamination.

The medium pressure models are suited to spot extraction from work processes, such as welding, soldering, vehicle exhaust, grinding or painting.

All LSFG and MSFG models are available with spark proof protection, for operation in hazardous atmosphere.

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  • Air volume up to: 4.900 m³/h
  • Pressure up to: 1.840 Pa
  • Directly driven by a B5- Flange motor
  • Sealing class IP-55 Voltage: 3x400V or 1x230V / 50 Hz 3 of the fans sides can be used as mounting flange
  • Made of hot-galvanized plate
  • All screws and bolts are electro galvanised.

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