SJ Series – Dust Extractor

The small footprint SJ Series dust extractor is ATEX certified, approved as zone 20 and can be operated in either positive or negative pressure configuration.

Designed to accommodate various combinations of fan duty, to handle heavy loading of numerous dust types over a wide range of intermittent applications.

Featured Benefits

  • Small footprint
  • Large filtration area
  • High efficiency, with automatic filter cleaning
  • Reduced pressure drop, with pre-separator
  • Flexible, accommodates numerous fans
  • Quickly deployed, fast and simple installation
  • Expandable, modular design enables expansion

More about this product

The SJ Series dust filter is equipped with a ‘partial down-flow’ inlet development with a perforated steel primary filter baffle to improve dust particle separation.

Filtration efficiency is optimised by the ECO-PowerPulse® online filter cleaning system, which automatically cleans the filters based upon pressure drop across the filters, to minimise pressure loss and reduce blockages.

Manufactured from high tensile galvanised sheet steel to ensuring strength and low weight, the SJ Series can be confidently sited externally with material discharge through a scrapper base and rotary valve.

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