TH800 – TH900 VARIO+ Briquette Press Series

The TH-VARIO+, of commercial briquette press are designed for the high volume briquette production in varying dimensions and throughputs (dependent on material).

Using innovative cylinder technology, enhanced hydraulics and progressive sensor technology to provide the power to produce high density, round briquettes, the TH-VARIO+ Series can be equipped with hydraulic cooling and automatic packaging systems for continuous operation.

TH-VARIO+ presses operate with two integrated cylinders equipped with suction valves enabling a faster press-stroke to create denser briquettes with higher calorific values, ideal for biomass burners.

These briquette presses do not require the use of additives or thermal treatment, simply using the power of compression material volume can be reduced by up to 90%, providing that the material moisture content is less than 18%.

The significant volume reduction of the material achieved maximises valuable storage space, minimises fire/explosion risk and reduces transport costs.

More about this product

  • Press head, available as duo, trio or quattro arrangement.
  • High-performance press mechanism, with low-wear, chrome-plated tongs.
  • Pre-compactor with end-position limited cylinder and screw-on driver
  • Easy operation, with Siemens SPS control system.
  • Oversized screw channel with discharge screw
  • Remote oil tank with pump motor and valve control
  • Oil temperature safety switch.
  • Heavy duty chassis, complete with anti-vibration machine feet.
  • Hardened press chamber insert.
  • Automatic briquette length control sensor.

Metal recycling with TH800S press, processing aluminium and steel swarf into dense, stable, briquettes.  Saving space, simplifying handling and increasing value.

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Scrap cardboard spools and cores, shredded prior to, briquette production using a TH800S press for use as solid bio fuel.

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