The WING Arm is used for all types of spot extraction jobs which emit: welding smoke and fumes, oil mists, vapour and grinding dust. It comes in ø160 mm, with internal carrying arms and three stable, self-adjusting links to keep the arm in the required position.

The WING Arm is not suitable for extracting: aluminium dust, flour, textile dust or sawdust.

The bracket can be used as to mount to the ceiling or wall, is made of epoxy painted steel and turns 360°. The funnel with integrated handle is made of lightweight aluminium and is also epoxy painted.

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Funnel: The light-weight aluminium funnel is supplied at ø160 or ø200 mm with an integrated handle.

The funnel is powder enamelled in RAL 1007 (yellow colour).

Can be rotated at any angle.

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