W5 Series Industrial Shredder

The WEIMA W5 series single shaft industrial shredder series has been specially designed for all kinds of plastic applications. This machine aims for shredding voluminous plastic objects, tear-resistant fibres and film.

What makes this W5 industrial shredder series stand out is the newly-designed material feeding system. Instead of the typical horizontal ram, this industrial shredder operates a “swing-ram,” which is guided on rolls. This makes the W5 shredder compact and easy to maintain, while also allowing for an aggressive material in feed.

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As optional, an attachment can be added to the swing arm to optimize the feeding procedure. Standing at just 2.2 meters, the W5 industrial shredder has a low-feeding point, which enables customers to fill the hopper by hand, conveyor belt or forklift, depending on what is best suited to the application.

The WEIMA W5, formerly known as WKS industrial shredding machines are suitable to be run as a stand-alone solution or as part of a multiple-stage plant with sorters or separators and conveyors for example.

The WEIMA W5.14 shreds car bumpers and plastic lumps in a matter of seconds.

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WEIMA W5.18 single-shaft shredder breaks down fishing nets for recycling.

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WEIMA W5.18 shredder equipped with a powerful Hägglunds hydraulic drive, shreds multiple types of drink cans.

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