WL4 – WL8 Industrial Timber Shredders

The WEIMA WL4 through to the WL8 single shaft industrial shredders are perfect for all kinds of timber wood waste. They are distinguished by their recognisable shape and are built to withstand hours of use, delivering high reliability at a competitive price to performance ratio for all types of businesses dealing with wood waste

Capable of shredding large quantities of both linear and lump wood off-cut timber waste, the WL4 – WL8 range of timber shredders boast a rotor width ranging from 600 mm to 800 mm, depending on design configuration and the type of wood being shred. They are driven by electric motors with power outputs from 11 kW to 37 kW.

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The WEIMA WL industrial shredder series benefit from the patented ‘V’ rotor configuration, with special knife holders welded into milled pockets around the circumference of the rotor.  Each holder supports a four sided concave knife, secured by rear-set, high-strength bolts which can quickly and easily be changed.

The drive output, rotor diameter (252 mm or 368 mm), knife number and type are determined by the material to be shredded and the required volume throughput. We discuss this at length with all customers to ensure the most suitable type of industrial shredder is chosen for each application.


The hopper is loaded with the wood based material and is processed through the shredder. It is fed automatically by the hydraulically operated pusher into the turning rotor.

Wood waste is then shredded between the rotor, mounted knives and fixed stationary counter knife, whilst the end shred size is determined by the screen size.

The concave cutting knives can be rotated four times to ensure a precise cut with high throughput performance. Knives should regularly be sense-checked by operators and by WEIMA trained engineers as part of a full service.

The end processed wood material can be conveyed either by material handling air extraction or mechanically conveying.

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  • Load dependant feed control.
  • Innovative ‘v’ rotor.
  • Multiple rows of knives.
  • Strong & powerful WAP gearbox.
  • Outboard bearings.
  • Enclosed hydraulics.
  • Increased load volume with logspacer.
  • Effective material discharge, for transportation with either air or mechanical conveyance.

Fast and effective shredding of MFC waste from a carcase manufacturing line with a WL4 single shaft shredder. When sited directly beside process machine manual handling is dramatically reduced.

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WL6 employed in many woodworking industrial applications, capable of shredding large quantities of both linear and/or lump off cut sawn timber waste.

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Voluminous wooden fruit crates are swiftly processed through a WL8, with additional discharge screw.

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Joinery shreds any wood waste with a WEIMA WL4 single-shaft shredder.

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