WLH WEIMA Horizontal Shredders

The WLH series of horizontal single shaft industrial shredders, affectionately named: Biber, Tiger and Leopard have been specifically designed to manage the processing of long and short linear wood production waste.

Material is loaded either manually into a fed channel or automatically via vibrating chutes, with intake assisted by in-feed rollers or chain link (subject to model) delivering material to the cutting rotor. Material feed rate is operated by load, i.e. when the cutting rotor is operating at maximum electrical consumption, the feed system automatically switches off until the material in the system has been processed.

The 482 mmø jumbo rotor design, of the Tiger and Leopard models, delivers very high throughput rates, whilst the size of the chips is determined by a screen positioned around the rotor.

The WLH horizontal shredders series can be sited either beside the production machinery or beneath processing machines  for shredding at source with the output efficiently transported through a ducted dust extraction system.

More about this product

  • Innovative ‘V’ rotor for optimized cutting
  • Knife and counter knife tolerance protection
  • Reduced wear
  • Minimal thermal impact
  • Optimum material in feed
  • High throughput
  • Outboard bearings
  • Feed control based upon load
  • Roller/chain link in feed (tiger/leopard)
  • Vibrating loading chute

The WLH Tiger makes light work of shredding large volumes of long wooden boards and trimmings.

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The WLH Biber is compact and quiet, ideal for handling trimmings directly beside process machine.

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High throughput capacity enables the WLH Tiger to power though full width board materials.

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