WSM Granulator Series

The WSM Series of granulators are suitable for processing of a wide range of plastics, producing high quality granulate, including blow-moulded materials such as PET bottles, PE/PP bottles, canisters and buckets.  In addition the WSM series can be specified to shred resistant materials like thick wall pipes.

Either as a stand-alone solution or as stage of a two part process (downstream of a primary shredder) the WSM is a straightforward and economical size reduction solution.

The various sizes and different versions make it possible to match the WSM to your specific material and throughput requirements.

More about this product

  • Highly effective V-cutting technology with a double diagonal cut
  • Large hopper for manual or conveyor belt feed
  • Ready for connection to air handling system
  • Easy knife adjustment, with external knife jig
  • Outboard rotor bearings, reinforced vertically for long life service
  • Effective rotor-chassis sealing to prevent dust discharge

WEIMA WLK 15 shredder & WSM 600/1000 granulator recycling plastic scrap.

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A WEIMA shredder WLK 1500 and granulator WSM 450/600 shreds and granulates used irrigation hoses for recycling.

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Compilation of shredding plastic waste with WEIMA shredding equipment.

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