Turn your production waste into a resource with an industrial briquette press. 

Briquetting Solutions

Briquette presses easily convert voluminous materials into briquettes, which offer easier storage, reduced combustion risks and decreased transportation costs. All of our briquette machines enjoy robust construction, with low maintenance technology built in, ranging from small entry level machines to high pressure, high throughput machines, all of which operate without additives to yield volume reduction of up to 90%.

The capabilities of our briquette presses, includes materials like wood, sawdust, paper and cardboard, metal, aluminium swarf and biomass, for the production of various sizes and shapes of briquette depending upon application.

A range of industrial briquette presses for:

From scrap to purpose, harness the power of briquetting to create value from your waste.

Benefits of briquette machines include:

✓ Volume of input material can be reduced by up to 90%
✓ Improved waste-material handling
✓ Minimised disposal costs
✓ Gaining of storage space
✓ Briquettes can be sold
✓ Even burning briquettes
✓ No additives or binders
✓ Reduction of transport and storage costs

Inclined screw conveyor feeding material directly to C140 briquette press.

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