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Compacting Solutions

The Weima Puehler range of packing and dewatering presses have been designed to deliver you the right compaction or discharge solution to complete the task. Covering both wet and dry materials, you can break down your waste and recycle elements that would otherwise have gone to landfill.

The complete stainless steel construction of the Puehler series means the machines are not only ideal for breweries, dairies, soft drink producers and bottling plants, but can be operated by biogas plants, plastic processors and food producers.

A range of industrial drainage presses for:

Your business can contribute to the responsible disposal and recycling of any reject materials.

Just because your scrap is no longer reusable for you, it doesn’t necessarily need to go straight in the bin. It may still have a purpose, with rejects often suitable as a source of energy or even for use as fertiliser on farms.

Causes of rejects from the manufacturing process could be incorrect filled packaging, overproduction, incorrect labelling, damaged packaging, product returns or rinsing batches after recipe changes.

Manufacturer draining and compressing defect milk cartons using a G.300 drainage press.

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