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Shredding Solutions

We offer a vast range of industrial shredders including single shaft, twin shaft, four shaft, horizontal and vertical shredders, all designed to perform size reduction on a variety of materials. when they’re at the end of life stage and ready to be recycled.

Here to help transform your waste into revenue, are our team of recycling sales and service engineers. These materials can be re-used and sold in secondary commodity markets (SCM), who process large items into smaller material sizes for money and ready for transportation.

Plastic recycling line with a WEIMA shredder and infeed and outfeed conveyors.

A range of industrial shredders for:

Your business can contribute to the responsible disposal and recycling of materials.

Our range of industrial shredders are efficient in shredding materials such as:

Plastics, wood, paper and cardboard, textile, rubber, electronic waste, metal, biomass, mixed waste, pharmaceutical waste and data storage media.

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