IMRO Conveyors

Maximum Recovery of Recyclable Materials

With their headquarters located in Uffenheim, Germany, IMRO has a clear understanding of the tag ‘Made in Germany’. A recycling innovator, initiating recycling trends through the integration of visionary and sustainable concepts into product design and process.


Principally engaged in the manufacture and supply of equipment for the recycling industry, including:

  • Belt conveyors
  • Sensor based (metal, nir, x-ray and vis/colour) sorters
  • Eddy current, non-ferrous, separators
  • Overbelt magnetic separators
  • Magnetic drums and pulleys
  • Permanent magnets
  • Metal detectors
  • Screening drums
  • Metering storage facilities.

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Ministry of Recycling

IMRO know that when processing material flow nothing should be left to chance and to deliver their technical expertise, quality products and value for money, they have established the ‘Ministry of Recycling’ advance materials test centre.

Here they apply the best technology, skills and knowledge in the pursuit of optimising, the widest variation of, materials recycling activities when undertaking material feasibility tests with customer supplied materials.


IMRO appreciate that client’s may have existing equipment and as such can focus on designing interfaces between IMRO RecycleCraft equipment and recycling equipment/plants of alternative manufacture.