SWEED Industrial Scrap Choppers

Fercell are a UK distributor of SWEED products, including industrial scrap choppers.

SWEED products provide a size reduction solution for end of life materials, such as PET plastic strapping, metal banding, bailing wire and lighting cables.

SWEED scrap choppers can be manually fed, unwind and process material from a reel or installed into a production line.

By reducing any waste through a scrap chopper you can increase your storage on site and create a safer working environment with less trip hazards. Depending on the material you’re shredding the output can also be reused as raw materials.

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SWEED UK Distributor

Fercell Engineering Ltd represents the SWEED Machinery Inc. as a stock holding distributor for the whole of the UK.

Fercell has been delivering size reduction systems for over 4 decades, tailoring a solution to meet individual customers exact requirements.

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