Why briquette metal swarfs?

Metal briquetting is an efficient way of condensing metal swarfs to sell onto metal recycling companies for a good profit. Manufacturing companies using CNC machinery can often find themselves with high volumes of aluminium chips and swarfs, which have to be disposed at high costs but are actually valuable waste material.

When combined with shredding, metal briquetting is an efficient means of condensing the material. The shredder will get the metal swarfs to the correct size, then by putting them through a briquette press, uniform briquettes are formed, making better use of stock space, decreasing transportation costs and being much more attractive as a commodity to metal recycling companies.

Reusing and recycling oils

As an added financial return, some lubricants from the material can be caught and recycled. By passing the aluminium chips and swarfs through a centrifuge in the briquette press, expensive oils and emulsions can be caught and once cleaned can be reused in the production process. Up to 95% of lubricants can be saved in this process. Metal briquetting is therefore a very green way to recycle, while also being a good cost saving technique.