Fercell were approached by a Kent based construction company comprising of multiple businesses, including specialised heavy plant equipment hire. Fercell Engineering were asked to design, manufacture, install, commission and maintain a self-containing painting facility.

To deal with the dings and bumps inflicted by the daily rigors, the client has established a schedule of plant refurbishment. This goes beyond maintaining all of the oily moving parts and mechanical systems, to include the plant aesthetics.

By setting up a plant maintenance division, where individual pieces from the hire fleet can be worked on the client can ensure that they are not only in top working condition, but look as good as their first day of service. To achieve this, the client highlighted the need for a plant painting facility that could not only accommodate the largest pieces of equipment but provide a facility which had full light (avoiding shadows) and optimum capture and filtration of over spray.

The Solution

Working in partnership with the client, a self-contained spray booth was the idyllic solution. With the client using solvent based automotive paints it was paramount that an outstanding fume extraction system was put in place.

One size does not fit all, therefore it was vital that Fercell followed a series of processes before proposing the final solution.  Firstly, an initial site survey was carried out to assess the clients’ requirements and make sure an ideal solution was put forward. Following which a site drawing and manufacturer drawing was produced for client approval. Upon sign off Fercell were able deliver and install all the components for the spray booth. The final outcome consisted of a self-contained spray booth measuring 14.3 metres long, 3.3 metres high and 5.5 metres wide. The booth uses standard size panels and 30 luminaires.

By installing a bespoke spray room unit Fercell were able to deliver a solution that was both practical and external to the rest of the working environment.

Self-contained Spray Booths

Self-contained spray rooms deliver a number of benefits.

Benefits of installing a bespoke self-contained spray room:

  • Enhancing the services, you can provide; space, finish
  • Space efficient structures
  • Attention to aesthetics

Fercell’s team of service engineers successfully installed the self-contained spray booth. Following which a LEV assessment was performed to ensure the spray booth wasn’t producing any toxic fumes and was fully operational. Throughout the whole time the spray booth is in operation any fumes will be removed and recirculated with clean air.

Why is effective extraction important?

It is vital in any work place you have the correct ventilation systems in place. It will protect your worker’s health by ensuring they are working in a safe environment and reduce the amount of days of work missed due to ill health. Failure to comply with healthy and safety standards could result in a hefty fine by the Health & Safety Executive. The ventilation solution needed depends on a whole variety of factors.

By installing a local exhaust ventilation system, you can control the pollutants at source. It makes perfect sense as it is the most effective means of ventilation and extraction. The Health & Safety recommend putting adequate LEV systems in place to lessen the chances of any respiratory illnesses.

Regular maintenance and LEV testing will ensure your equipment isn’t releasing any toxic fumes. It is a mandatory requirement to get ventilation machinery serviced every 12-14 months.

Fercell has over 40 years’ experience in delivering industrial ventilation and recycling systems. Working with a number of top manufacturers we are able to provide you with a solution that is right for you. The option for a bespoke solution is possible, just ask us! With a team of fully qualified service engineers, we can deliver the whole solution, from start to finish. Whether it is installation, equipment, servicing, or a LEV test you require don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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