When a bespoke interior joinery manufacturing company decided that their current wood shredding equipment no longer ‘cut the mustard’ they contacted Fercell for advice on the best, most cost-effective solution.

Fercell considered the material type, the limited space and the volume of material needed to be shredded, and they recommended the WEIMA WL4/18.5 single-shaft shredder as the solution.

Based in Hereford, the manufacturer of premium bespoke joinery understood the importance of delivering the best product and service. Such attention to detail was demonstrated by the level of involvement given to the project by their managing director, who travelled to the Fercell demonstration hall to see the shredding equipment in action and they weren’t disappointed.

Here are more reasons why our customer found it’s worth getting your shredding equipment from Fercell.

Try Before You Buy

With a comprehensive suite of shredders, including single-shaft, twin-shaft, four-shaft and horizontal, along with various briquette presses Fercell provides the opportunity to ‘try before you buy’, an invaluable resource for such capital expenditure.

This can either be done in person or with client materials shipped and the proceeding trials filmed and processed material returned for consideration.

Contact us to book a demonstration.


Although the clients outgoing shredder had the same motor power it just couldn’t compete with the quality of the cut or the throughput capacity of Fercell’s new WEIMA, WL4/18.5, shredder.

Facilities such as the patented ‘v’ rotor, four-sided cutting tools, heavy-duty WAP gearbox and larger cutting chamber all add to the higher specification, which help achieve improved capacities of approximately 40%.

Not only does Fercell’s new WEIMA shredder shred more material, it does it quicker and uses less energy.

Environmental Policy

The environment and client’s impact on it are an intrinsic part of their operation, having heavily invested in recycling technologies. Their timber waste, both dust generated through manufacturing processes and off cut material, used within the factories biomass heating system.

This is why have the best shredder for converting off cuts into a consistent fraction for efficient combustion in the heating system is a vital part of reducing the client’s carbon footprint and environmental impact.

And Fercell’s shredding equipment helps them do just that.

Part Exchange and Used Equipment

Keeping with the principle that waste is kept to a minimum, and the importance of sustainability, it is a win-win that the client’s outgoing shredder was taken by Fercell in part-exchange, destined to be completely refurbished from the ground up. Living to fight another day and hopefully helping another company reduce their environmental impact.

At Fercell, nothing goes to waste.

Why You Should Try Fercell

Reducing costs and improving profitability is easier than you might think, and with the availability of quality used equipment it may also be cheaper than you think.

With Fercell’s state-of-the art shredding equipment you would benefit from:

  • Reduced waste disposal costs
  • Lower energy consumption
  • Less manual handling

Don’t let your company settle for anything less.

Contact us today on 01622 791414, to see how Fercell can help you achieve improvements in costs and profitability through material recycling, because you’re worth it.