Fercell were happy to hear from long-standing client, artist, Lucy Williams, when she requested their services for the relocation to her new premises.

You may well have seen some of Lucy Williams’ popular collage work, including her beautiful glass house collages. Lucy often uses mixed media, and so it is vital that she has the use of a spray booth in her work space, ensuring her health is protected, artistic license isn’t limited and all forms of media can be used to create a master piece.

As a professional painter, artist Lucy Williams has long used a Fercell self-contained spray booth on site to clear any toxic fumes. So, when moving premises her spray filtration system needed to be dismantled, transported and reinstalled at her new studio, which is where Fercell were able to assist.

A self-contained, recirculation, spray booth is an ideal solution for spraying of materials, such as paints, glues and lacquers when restrictions of exhaust ducts are present, as is often the case in metropolitan areas such as London.

A recirculating spray booth can be fitted in a relatively small space, without becoming too intrusive, and without the need for an exhaust duct to leave the building. They provide an effective and flexible solution for dealing with overspray and odours across a variety of activities including the creative, model-maker, set-building and jewellery (amongst others).

As Lucy’s original work space was on the first floor and her new studio on the third, this required Fercell’s team of engineers to dismantle and carry the components down and upstairs.

The equipment was also given a full service, including filter change and thorough cleaning of the fan impeller to ensure the system was in tip top condition. Fercell’s qualified CoSHH engineers then carried out an LEV CoSHH assessment, testing the recirculating spray extraction system to certify that the correct levels of ventilation were in place.

Testing, testing, testing…

It is important to remember in any workplace where any form of hazardous fumes or dust are present that a proper ventilation system is in place. To ensure your safety and comply with safety regulations you must carry out a LEV (local exhaust ventilation) assessment every 14 months to make sure your ventilation system in place is working correctly and not creating too many fumes.

It’s for your own safety…

Extracting any hazardous fumes will lower the risk of ill health dramatically. Not sure what type of ventilation you need? Contact us and we’ll carry out a LEV assessment in order to recommend the best solution. Regular maintenance on your equipment will also not only save you money in the long run, but ensure the safety of your employees/users.

Whether it’s installation, equipment, servicing or certification you require we cover all bases. Delivering the whole service wrap allows us the freedom to provide you with a complete solution as well as any additional extras you may require.

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