As part of continued expansion, driven by strong sales, CNC machinery specialist CNC World needed to develop their demonstration area.

As a specialist in all things CNC, CNC World provide CNC routers, plasmas, water-jet cutters and lasers.

As the enlarged demonstration fleet required effective extraction and material control CNC World approached FERCELL to define a ventilation solution to suit the needs of the new demonstration area.

FERCELL’s brief, was to provide comprehensive ventilation systems (dust and fume), for the router, plasma and laser cutters.  Ensuring optimum extraction, when demonstrating the CNC equipment, with various materials.

CNC router ventilation

Acting as a standalone product a CNC cutter will create a lot of fine dust, which may not be immediately visible, however to comply with safety standards this must be controlled and removed.

Dust inhalation is a serious issue and if not properly addressed can cause irreversible damage to the health of operators, and in the case of CNC World, visitors. By installing the correct ventilation system, you can take control of hazardous materials and issues that could develop from working in an environment with concentrations of dust and fumes.

For the dust side FERCELL’s UF dust extraction unit was a perfect solution; its large collection capacity and generous filter make it an adaptable and economical solution. Great for commercial applications, its increased filtration capacity for high concentrations of dust suited the brief. Any waste material is discharged directly into dust collection sacks, which can be easily released and locked back into place ensuring minimum downtime.

For CNC World the ventilation system is not only a safety requirement to utilise the CNC machinery, but also demonstrates a complete solution.

CNC laser ventilation

For the laser cutting processes a correctly sized and balanced, centralised ducting system, with powerful high-pressure fan set was specified as the best solution for the control of the broad range of materials processed, while demonstrating the equipment.

Joining forces

Furthermore, this has led to a partnership between CNC World and FERCELL to offer the ventilation equipment as a package option, delivering the customer the complete concept from one place. Darren Ray, Ventilation Sales Manager at FERCELL quotes “It’s a great opportunity for us to cross promote our product offering, with our solutions complimenting each other and providing the end customer with a core solution.”

Along, with the work on their demonstration area, FERCELL has already successfully installed one of its F-Series ventilation system for a CNC World customer.  The F-Series is a popular choice for operations who need to extract dust and vapour at the source, as the compact design of the series is ideal for smaller operations.

Creating value from your waste

Although, the conversation was concentrated around the ventilation for the CNC demonstration area, it soon became clear to CNC World that they could provide their clients and would be customers with an even better product offering.

FERCELL operate two divisions, one specialising in ventilation systems, and the other recycling solutions. The two often go hand in hand, as is the case with CNC World, where FERCELL were able to offer a complete suite of products to achieve circular manufacturing, including waste wood shredding, briquette press and biomass heater.

Key components for the solution consisted of a WEIMA Ultra 60 Shredder, WEIMA C140 Briquette Press and CS-200 Woodburning Space Heater.

Use of CNC machinery will often result in wood waste from offcuts. Over time this can add up and cause excess wood waste. Disposal of wood can become costly, whilst there is an initial investment cost to briquette production it delivers a number of long-term benefits. Any scrap wood can be broken down, freeing up valuable space and saving you on previous disposal costs of waste wood. You have the option to use the briquettes to reduce your heating costs or they can be sold on to create extra revenue.

Breaking It down

The WEIMA Ultra 60 Single Shaft Shredder is a great investment, delivering flexibility, durability and reliability. Featuring the segmented floor, gearbox safety package, WEIMA WAP gearbox, patented “V” rotor housing double the number of knives of typical market competitors, delivering 30% increase in throughput volumes, and a more uniform homogenous fraction size.

The Ultra 60, a WEIMA classic, is a popular choice, as it delivers reduced energy consumption and lower operating overheads in comparison to other products in the range. The capabilities of the Ultra 60 don’t just stop at wood, it can also be used to break down cardboard, paper and plastic.

Once material has been broken down it can be processed into briquettes. For CNC World the WEIMA C140 briquette press was the best fit, providing a compact, robust solution. Looking for a low energy consuming, low maintenance solution the C140 was a perfect fit. The C140 is perfect for small to medium businesses. The briquettes are then burned in the wood burner, creating a source of heating, which in turn will reduce your bills.

It’s a process

FERCELL’s service does not stop upon the delivery of your equipment, our complete service package includes supply, installation, training and servicing. Following the installation of the recycling and ventilation equipment, our service engineer carried out operator training for the CNC World staff. Operator training is crucial to ensure maximum output, effectiveness, machine capabilities and safety guidelines.

Our job does not stop once a project is complete, FERCELL also offer servicing, allowing you to prolong the life of your machinery. FERCELL also have a team of trained LEV engineers to carry out CoSHH assessments. As you are probably well aware any ventilation equipment you own needs a LEV tested carried out every 12 to 14 months. This ensures no fume or vapour are escaping and you comply with legal standards

FERCELL have been successfully delivering complete industrial recycling and size reduction systems and industrial ventilation equipment for over 47 years. No one customer is the same and FERCELL can design a solution to meet your exact requirements.