A leading manufacturer and designer of innovative workplace solutions contacted Fercell to design, manufacture, install, and commission an industrial ventilation and recycling solution for processing wood dust and waste.

With an extensive range of bespoke products being produced onsite, the client was looking for a dust extraction solution for their joinery workshop, to provide comprehensive ventilation for various woodworking equipment, including CNC machinery and spindles. In addition to the extraction element, a size reduction system to process any wood offcuts was also required.

Delivering a Solution

Fercell delivered and installed all the components for the dust extraction and size reduction system. The final outcome consisted of a UF dust extractor, connected to a centralised ducting system and a WEIMA Ultra 60 industrial shredder.

By installing a UF dust extraction unit outside, Fercell was able to deliver a solution that was both practical and external to the rest of the working environment. The WEIMA Ultra 60 is located within the joinery, eliminating the need for stacks of waste, and offering an efficient solution for reducing waste wood. 

Extracting the Dust

The UF dust extractor is an economical solution ideal for high dust loading applications. It benefits from a generous filter area, large collection capacity, compact footprint, the ability to accommodate numerous fan types and numerous options including a sprinkler and air return system.

Connected via a network of ducting to various woodworking machinery, any waste material discharges to the UF unit directly into refuse sacks located beneath the filter plenum. The dust collection sacks and bins are easily released and locked into position with a rapid over-centre toggle system, ensuring minimum downtime. The UF extractor also boasts an automatic filter cleaning mechanism. A non-return valve stops material from travelling back through the duct during the cleaning cycle.

Wood Shredding with WEIMA

The WEIMA Ultra 60 single-shaft shredder is a compact solution, delivering flexibility, durability and reliability. It features a segmented floor, gearbox safety package, WEIMA WAP gearbox, patented “V” rotor housing and double the number of shredder knives you would find on a typical market shredder. Increased shredder knives deliver increased throughput volumes and the material output is a uniform homogeneous fraction size.

Shredding will deliver a number of benefits, including freeing up valuable storage space, reducing waste disposal costs and creating a sustainable output for any scrap wood.

Working in partnership with WEIMA as the sole UK distributor, Fercell has the capacity to deliver high-quality German recycling equipment, including shredders, briquette presses, granulators and drainage presses.         

Installation of the dust extraction and shredding system has allowed the client to operate at higher capacity throughout the joinery workshop, whilst adhering to HSE guidelines and effectively capturing any dust, fumes and freeing up valuable storage space by reducing any waste wood.