Client overview: Leading cladding specialist and building envelope contractor. Over the past 15 years, Dmitro Façades have completed over 120 residential and commercial construction cladding projects throughout the UK. The majority of their work is focused on the design and production of exterior walls and windows, widely used on hospitals and medical centres.

Challenge: To create a safe environment for employees at Dmitro Façades whilst not taking up too much of the factory space. Protect staff from welding fumes while working.

Solution: The W3 mobile weld fume extraction unit using Compak Series extraction arms to ensure the suction can be aimed directly at the fumes in order to protect the health of employees. The mobile unit allows flexibility depending on the size of the façade they are working on.

Outcome: A much more flexible and efficient method for Dmitro Facades to capture welding fumes.

Recommendations: To improving capture performance even further we would suggest a welding booth, consisting of a galvanised panel and PVC curtain.