With its headquarters in Wales, our customer, a manufacturer of skincare products, sell products on a global scale. Using only the finest products and sourcing ingredients from ethical suppliers, a range of beauty products are produced.

Our customer was set to expand its presence, with a new store based in the county of Powys, offering its customers the opportunity to buy local.

For the set-up of a new shop, it was imperative that the correct LEV (local exhaust ventilation) equipment was put in place, to remove any fumes and odours, produced from the mixing of skincare products.

Fercell were contacted to discuss the ventilation requirements for the production space in the new shop.

From initial discussions in regards to the production processes taking place and a site survey, it was evident that a fume and dust extraction system needed to be implemented.

The process of mixing skincare products will inevitably create fume, which would need to be eradicated at source.

LEV System

The solution consisted of a MEF fan, acoustic enclosure, Geofilter, ducting and multiple fume extraction hoods.

How it works

The fume hoods are placed above work space areas where any production work is carried out, in order to trap any fume created. Any air captured through the fume hood is then pulled through the ducting, before reaching the Geofilter.

The Geofilter adds an additional level of filtration for any dust collected. Upon activation the filter is cleaned by a built-in brush system. The filter mat is mounted in a retractable cassette, which allows any dust collected to be emptied easily using the slide damper.

Air then continues to be drawn towards the MEF fan, encased in an acoustic enclosure, to minimise operating noise. The MEF centrifugal fan is equipped with backward impellers for optimum efficiency, and is designed for a mix of airflows up to 17,000m³/h.

Due to the heat, any non-toxic fumes are then exhausted into the atmosphere via a bird mesh grill.

The fume and dust extraction system will allow the customer to operate a safe working environment, whilst increasing their production capabilities onsite and their presence in Wales.

Fercell has been successfully delivering complete industrial recycling and size reduction systems and industrial ventilation equipment for over four decades. Fercell can design a solution to meet customers’ requirements.