Fercell installed a centralised dust extraction and recycling solution, including a SHK bag filter and WEIMA Ultra 60 single shaft shredder, for a supplier of transit packaging products.

With the ever-increasing demands for customised packaging, Fercell were contacted to propose a LEV solution for the wood production department, and to explore the possibilities of reduction of any wood waste.

It’s dusty business

Bespoke wooden packaging is manufactured onsite, utilising a range of specialised woodworking equipment.

With saw dust and wood shavings a typical by-product, a SHK5 bag filter was installed, providing an effective solution for dust capture and collection.

Forming a centralised dust extraction system, the SHK unit was sited outside with an additional filter enclosure, protecting the filters from the elements. The filter enclosure is also equipped with an air-return system to aid balancing of building pressure and reduction of heat loss.

Suction ports on each wood production machine were connected to the centralised ducting system, which transports dust to the filter unit. Dust is stored in collection sacks, which once full can be easily removed and replaced, requiring minimal downtime.

The filter housing on the SHK contains polyester filter elements, manufactured from heavy duty multi filament media, which work by holding the dust on the loop pile, to form a layer of dust acting as a primary filter to improve filtration performance.

The SHK uses a centrifugal fan set, for the movement of air, manufactured from heavy-gauge plate steel the centrifugal fan is equipped with a high-efficiency radial bladed impeller. It is statically and dynamically balanced to ensure stable and vibration free performance.

The centrifugal fan has been specifically designed for the extraction and transportation of medium to heavy weight dust particles, allowing the open radial bladed impellers to allow the passage of material.

Reducing your wood waste

From the client’s manufacturing processes there was an element of wood waste, in the form of offcuts and spoils, which on reflection could be considered as a useful asset.

The properties of wood waste make it easy to break down and reduce through the process of shredding.

A sample of wood waste was provided by the customer to assess the output produced using a WEIMA single shaft shredder.

Before committing to the purchase of equipment Fercell consider the option to see the results of your material being processed first hand as invaluable. This is why Fercell offer a trial of your material at its test hall in Kent, which includes various industrial shredders, briquette presses and granulators.

After receiving the processed test material and further consultation, it was agreed that a WEIMA Ultra 60 single-shaft shredder would not only be ideal for their waste wood, but also their cardboard and paper waste.

The WEIMA Ultra 60 industrial shredder is a compact solution, delivering flexibility, durability and reliability. It features a segmented floor, gearbox safety package, WEIMA WAP gearbox, patented “V” rotor housing and double the number of shredder knives you would find on typical market shredder. Increased shredder knives deliver increased throughput volumes and the material output is a uniform homogenous fraction size.

Shredding will deliver a number of benefits, including freeing up valuable storage space, reduced waste disposal costs and creating a sustainable output for any wood waste.

Installation of the WEIMA Ultra 60 shredder allows our customer to break down wood waste into wood chips, which is then sold onto a biomass company.

Installation of the dust extraction and recycling system will allow our client to operate at higher capacity throughout the manufacturing workshops, whilst adhering to HSE guidelines and effectively capturing any dust fumes and freeing up valuable storage space by recycling any waste wood.

Fercell have been successfully delivering industrial ventilation and recycling solutions for over 4 decades. With no customer the same, Fercell provide bespoke solutions to meet your project requirements. From design, through to installation and servicing of LEV and recycling equipment, we provide complete solutions.