Fercell were approached by a leading UK paper processing specialist, to help control the fine paper particles generated through their recycling activities.

Operating from their 60,000 sq. ft recycling plant in South Wales, where they process collected waste paper, their processes, shredding and baling, create a tremendous amount of fine dust.

As a waste product, the captured dust is difficult to handle, manage and transport, with limited options except expensive landfill.

The solution proposed, a Weima C150  briquette press. By integrating a briquette machine to the existing recycling system any fine dust created is converted into solid briquettes. This not only benefits the client from less airborne dust, it also converts a potential explosive material into an inert product which can be easily handled, as well as providing an additional resource of briquettes, which can be sold as solid fuel, for profit.

The paper dust transported through the LEV system is deposited into the Weima C150 briquette press, where it is processed under very high pressure to form solid briquettes. The briquettes, exiting the press, are fed along a pipe delivery system into a plastic collection crate.

The briquette press is capable of processing average volumes of up to 400kg per day.

Fercell are the sole UK distributor of Weima GmbH shredders and briquette presses. Fercell have been successfully delivering industrial size reduction recycling systems and industrial ventilation systems for over 4 decades.