Recycling your wood waste can reduce your impact on the environment, providing a secondary biomass resource to deliver cost savings in the long term. It makes logical sense.

Wood chips can be used to subsidise your heating costs, or sold on for profit. At the same time, you are saving on storage space and your waste disposal costs.

Recycling equipment is an investment, and it’s not always an affordable option to simply upgrade or purchase a new machine. Often underused or dormant machinery can be refurbished to allow you to resume recycling activities efficiently and effectively.

Part of Fercell’s product portfolio includes equipment refurbishment. With facilities on-site to completely strip and rebuild recycling equipment, including industrial shredders and briquette presses, machinery can be given a new lease of life, for many more years. Equipment that has sat dormant or is no longer working doesn’t have to mean end of life.

WL10 Shredder Rebuild

Our customer, a supplier of firewood, purchased a pre-owned WEIMA WL10 single shaft industrial shredder. The shredder certainly wasn’t in optimum condition, and required a complete overhaul. Fercell were tasked to completely refurbish the shredder.

The WEIMA WL10 was completely stripped back to its bare metal chassis, repaired and re-assembled.

It’s a Process

Following the dismantling of the shredder, all the parts were shot blasted to reveal the true condition of the components.

The shredder rotor was checked for any signs of damage and general wear and tear. The rotor was then removed and sent for clocking and repair, with all shaft ends replaced with new spring keys.

Whist it’s important to remember rotor knives can be rotated, once all the knives are blunt you won’t be able to achieve the same throughput.

The hydraulic tank was removed, cleaned, serviced and repaired, with new ram guides and slip off ledges fitted.

Once the bare components had been assessed for any faults, they were fixed, and painted before reassembly.

The segmented floor was replaced. Along with an additional 30mm screen with breaker bars that prevent large pieces exiting the machine, and fresh adjustable counter knives added. Following which the complete chassis was re-assembled.

After the shredder assembly, the entire electrical systems were checked, tested and serviced. Material trials were then conducted using the customers materials, to ensure it was achieving the maximum output.

The WEIMA WL10 single shaft shredder has now been installed and commissioned, with operator training provided on-site. It is essential anyone operating an industrial shredder has been provided with the relevant knowledge to operate the machine safely and efficiently, and will ultimately save you in the long term from requiring any costly call outs.

The WEIMA WL10 single shaft shredder now sits pride of place on our customers production floor handling the workload of any other WL10, delivering a full second life for a used piece of equipment.

Our customer is now able to process any wood offcuts, reducing their wood waste to a fraction of its original size.

Whether you’re looking to revive your shredder, resume previous shredding activity, or to repurpose your shredder to process a new application, Fercell can help. Contact 01622 791414 or email to discuss your project requirements.