For something so ubiquitous the processes used in the production of tobacco products, specifically cigarettes, are unlikely to have figured in the thoughts of its users or anyone else for that matter.

Nevertheless, for a product which has been in existence for over 153 years you’d expect there to have been some developments in production.

Indeed, when a market leading tobacco manufacturing company needed to look at options for their old, ineffective and maintenance heavy briquette press, they approached the market with technology as one of the key requirements of any solution.

However, technology was, in fact, only one small part of the solution, as the press needed to:

  • Operate automatically.
  • Fit into an existing installation, working with the current centralised bulk-handling system, with a bespoke steel support frame.
  • Perform, 24 hours per day, 365 days per year, requiring both automatic oil cooling and heating systems.
  • Deal with the demands of the material, with specialist tool hardened pressing assembly.

As well as working with these demands, Fercell were selected as the project partner due to their ability to offer a truly bespoke solution to achieve automatic loading of road containers, with waste tobacco material converted into a solid biomass fuel and help with the target of carbon neutrality.

Customer Service

The failure of the client’s existing system represented challenges to their operations and to ensure that their production continued, whilst waiting for the new press, Fercell loaned a stock press for the duration of the time between order and delivery of the new press.

Try Before You Buy

With a comprehensive suite of machines, including briquette presses and shredders, Fercell provides the opportunity to ‘try before you buy’, an invaluable resource for such capital expenditure.

This can either be done in person or with client materials shipped and the proceeding trials filmed and processed material returned for consideration.

Contact us to book a demonstration.

Comprehensive Support

Added to the plant specification and turnkey installation, Fercell’s ‘Planned Preventative Service Support Contract’ completed the overall package, providing the client with the total relationship which they were looking for.

Part Exchange and Used Equipment

Although the condition of the client’s original briquette press didn’t allow for any significant part exchange value, Fercell were able to offer the benefit of their service department for the refurbishment of the press and access to a brokerage facility through their sales network.

No Matter the Budget

Reducing costs and improving profitability is easier than you might think, and with the availability of quality used equipment it may also be cheaper than you think.

Would you benefit from:

  • Reduced waste disposal costs
  • Carbon neutrality
  • Lower energy consumption
  • Less manual handling

Contact us today, to see how Fercell can help you achieve improvements in costs and profitability through material recycling.

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